Bannochmoor (BNR) Economic Model Document

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Token Allocation

  3. Token Distribution

    • Initial Token Sale (ITS) / Pre-Sale

    • Reserve Fund and Liquidity

    • Community and Governance

  4. Utility and Rewards

  5. Transaction Tax

  6. Bannochmoor Transaction Taxation Structure

    • Property Development Fund

    • Marketing Allocation

    • Reflections for Tiered Holders

    • Liquidity Enhancement

  7. Additional Notes

1. Introduction

This document presents the economic model of Bannochmoor (BNR), detailing the utility, distribution, and price stabilization strategies of the native cryptocurrency token of the Bannochmoor project.

2. Token Allocation

Total Supply: 1,000,000 BNR - Vesting periods applicable throughout.

  • Initial Token Sale (ITS): 80,000 BNR

  • Liquidity: 50,800 BNR

  • Development Fund: 300,000 BNR

  • Advisers, Maintenance, and Ongoing Costs: 200,000 BNR

  • Marketing & Community: 100,000 BNR

  • Team Tokens: 100,000 vested


3. Token Distribution

Initial Token Sale (ITS) / Pre-Sale

  • Duration: 5 Days (Q4 2023)

  • Price: 1 ETH Presale = 8000 BNR

  • Price: 1 ETH Listing = 7200 BNR

  • Method: Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain

Soft Cap and Hard Cap

  • Soft Cap: 5 ETH

  • Hard Cap: 10 ETH

Reserve Fund and Liquidity

  • 15% of the total token supply (150,000 BNR) dedicated to liquidity to ensure smooth trading

4. Utility and Rewards

  • NFTs can be purchased with Ethereum and unlock tiered access to the estate and its various benefits

  • BNR holders may receive discounts or privileges in on-site services within the estate

5. Transaction Tax

  • A 6% tax levied on all BNR transactions

6. Bannochmoor Transaction Taxation Structure

Property Development Fund

  • 3% of each transaction dedicated to the continual growth and enhancement of the estate

Marketing Allocation

  • 1% of every transaction directed to marketing, promotional activities, and global community growth

Reflections for Tiered Holders

  • 1% of each transaction sent to staking contract. Please Note: until staking drops this will be directed to marketing efforts.

Liquidity Enhancement

  • 1% of every transaction contributed to the liquidity pool

7. Additional Notes

  • The NFT contract will be released post SmartContract. Until the NFTs drop, the 1% reflections for tiered holders will be redirected to marketing and property development

  • Tax will be collected as ETH at the point of transaction to mitigate sudden funding impacts for development and marketing

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