Bannochmoor Investor FAQ

General Questions

  1. What is Bannochmoor? Bannochmoor is an innovative project that aims to develop a modern castle estate in Scotland, funded through both a unique cryptocurrency token, Bannochmoor (BNR), and separate NFT-based Deeds of Access.

  2. What makes Bannochmoor unique? The project brings together traditional Scottish real estate and advanced blockchain technology, providing a unique blend of cultural and technological investment opportunities.

  3. How does it work? Investors have the option to purchase Bannochmoor (BNR) and separate NFT-based Deeds of Access. While BNR contributes to the funding of the estate, the NFT Deeds, available for a yet-to-be-determined price, grant specific access rights and benefits upon project completion.

Tokenomics and Investments

  1. How can I buy Bannochmoor tokens and NFT Deeds? You can acquire Bannochmoor tokens during the Initial Token Sale (ITS) as per guidelines on our official website. The NFT-based Deeds of Access will also be available for purchase, with details to be announced.

  2. What is the price of each Bannochmoor token? The price for one BNR is set at 1 USD during the ITS. The price for the NFT Deeds is yet to be determined.

  3. How will my investment grow? Your BNR tokens may appreciate in value, while your NFT Deed will grant you redeemable benefits upon project completion.

  4. What is the minimum amount I can invest? Minimum investment details for both the BNR and NFT Deeds will be announced closer to the ITS launch date.

  5. Is my investment secure? We strictly adhere to Scottish law and international cryptocurrency regulations to safeguard your investment.

NFT Deeds

  1. What is the NFT Deed? An NFT Deed is a separate digital asset granting specific access rights and benefits within the estate, redeemable upon the project's completion.

  2. How do I acquire an NFT Deed? NFT Deeds will be available for purchase separately from the BNR tokens. The pricing and process for this will be announced in due course.

  3. Can I sell or transfer my NFT Deed? Yes, NFT Deeds are transferable and can be sold on various NFT marketplaces.

Visitation and Access

  1. When can I redeem the benefits of my NFT Deed? The rights and benefits granted by your NFT Deed become redeemable upon project completion, expected in Q1 2026.

  2. Are there any restrictions? The NFT Deed will specify any conditions or restrictions to ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors and residents.

Risk and Transparency

  1. How do you mitigate risks? We comply with Scottish law and international cryptocurrency regulations, and consult with legal advisors for risk mitigation.

  2. How can I keep track of the project’s progress? Regular updates will be posted through official channels to keep all investors informed.

  3. Who is behind the project? A team of professionals in real estate, blockchain technology, and legal compliance spearheads the project.


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