What's in a name?


The name "Bannochmoor" is a tribute to the rich landscapes and cultural heritage of Scotland. Derived from "Bennoch" or "Bennach," the name echoes the towering peaks that are as much a part of Scotland's geography as they are its spirit. Together with "Moor," it encapsulates the soul of the landβ€”its wild, untamed beauty and its challenging and inspiring heights.

"Bannochmoor" is not just a name, but a statement of purpose and place. It embodies a sense of exploration and freedom, inviting people to reach their own personal summits in life or in business. It speaks to the limitless potential that lies in natural spacesβ€”a potential waiting to be harnessed, respected, and preserved. With its roots in the natural and cultural heritage of Scotland, Bannochmoor could be the fertile ground where new dreams take root and where age-old traditions find their modern echo.

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